For Some Reason Easter Always Makes Me Weepy

Maybe it’s the return of the warmth, and usually a little bit of green.

Maybe it’s gathering with friends.

Maybe it’s dressing up my babies.

I found myself thinking how sweet life is this weekend, and then I saw this post from 2010.

Turns out Easter always makes me weepy and grateful!

Here are a few photos of the littles; you will see if you follow the link above that Marley wore her sister’s hand-me-down dress. Sadly, the adorable hat was too small for her noggin.

Saturday, before celebrating with friends:

Sunday, before brunch:

(I think my Marley Bird looks like her big brother!)

One more before brunch yesterday, just to show you that photos around here don’t always turn out so well ;)

I hope your weekend was a sweet one, and that you were able to soak up some sunshine. Here comes the sun, my friends! I am READY :)

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